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Timing tool kit Opel, Chevrolet, SAAB 2.0 & 2.4 Petrol engines

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Timing tool kit Opel/Chevrolet/SAAB  2.0 &2.4 Petrol engines.

The camshaft locking kit includes:

Camshaft Adjuster Holding Tool (incl caps and screws)

Camshaft Locking Tool Left  and Right Hand (incl screw and washer)

- Crankshaft Pulley Alignment Too

- Flywheel Holding Tool + Base (incl screws and washers)

- Tension Plunger Holder

- Tension Plunger Resetting Tool

- Tensioner Retaining Pin 2.5mm 

- Tensioner Locating Pin 4.0mm


Opel: Astra OPC, Insignia, Antara
SAAB: 9-5
Chevrolet: Captiva, HHR, Malibu
2.0 A20NFT (LHU), A20NHT (LTG), A20NHT (LDK)
2.4 A24XE, A24XF, LE5, LE9

OEM: EN-49212
OEM: EN-955-20/KM955-20
OEM: EN-48953
OEM: EN-43652/J43653
OEM: EN-45027
OEM: EN-48585
OEM: EN-955-10/KM955

OEM: EN-49212,  EN-955-20/KM955-20, EN-48953,  EN-43652/J43653,  EN-45027,  EN-48585,  EN-955-10/KM955,